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Mention of the maty-teneczne dance pad shop.


Mention of the dance pad mania and precision dance pad shops.


More explanations about the scoring systems used in Stepmania.


The Deluxe v3 mat from Futuremax is back! Update in the dance mat reviews section.


To celebrate the release of Stepmania 5, I have cleaned up the whole site. Now the Stepmania pages refer only to the version 5.


Expect a big update soon as sm-ssc officially becomes Stepmania 5. Do not forget to check the facebook fan page!


New links added, and I found out a trick to play LAN with Stepmania whatever the version!

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Welcome to DDR PC GAMER !

DDR PC GAMER is about the Dance Dance Revolution played on a computer. This website aims at gathering the biggest possible amount of complete and fully explained information about DDR. This way, I hope total beginners will be able to jump in and enjoy DDR with Stepmania or Dance with Intensity very quick. The site mainly caters for them. Still, I guess experimented players are also going to learn a trick or two.

You are going to find in particular in this website:

I created this website a few years ago with the view to answer all the questions I had when I first wanted to play DDR at home. I now strive to turn DDR PC Gamer into a big information center about Dance Dance Revolution and especially Stepmania, while keeping it up to date as best as I can.

My best hope for the site is it will be a useful hand for the newbies to DDR, and will lure some into equip themselves with dance mats. Those who are still in trouble can ask me at Please keep on leaving messages on the golden book !!

More recently I have created a Facebook fanpage to give you news or personal feelings from times to times... and also a few DDR songs downloads. Please suscribe!

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